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NYC Dining Guide - NYC Restaurants

Welcome to the NYC Dining Guide where you can find New York City Restaurants in Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn New York. We are always updating our NYC Dining Guide so come back often to find more great NYC Restaurants near you.

Zagat Breaks Down The Top NYC Restaurants

Featured New York City Restaurants

  • Stonehome Wine Bar & Restaurant NYC

    Stonehome Wine Bar & Restaurant NYC

    American Restaurant in Brooklyn New York. Stonehome Wine Bar's menu is Seasonal American with focus on local produce, natural meats and fish from sustainable sources. The..

  • Veritas NYC Restaurant

    Veritas NYC Restaurant

    Awarded 3 Stars by New York Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton, Veritas offers a unique dining experience in an intimate, welcome setting...

  • Rouge Tomate

    Rouge Tomate

    Fine Dining restaurants in New York and Brussels. The place to enjoy fine healthy dining in a welcoming contemporary setting...

  • The Riverhead Project NYC Restaurant

    The Riverhead Project NYC Restaurant

    American Restaurant in Long Island New York. Located in downtown Riverhead's emerging District Neighborhood, tRP tapped into the 1960s vibe of a former bank building to ..

  • Prime - Huntington NYC Restaurant

    Prime - Huntington NYC Restaurant

    Opened in 2006, Prime – An American Kitchen and Bar is among one of the finest restaurants not just on Long Island, or in New York, but in the world...